Name: Champion
Price: 20.00 USD

This is the Champion rank!

You will get:

  • A fancy orange colored name and chat that stands out from the rest
  • Pets! Any mob in the game, as a pet. You get access to all of them
    • Adventurer can spawn and name them
    • Champion can also ride them and can get baby pets!
  • Mythril drop multiplier: you get a slight increase in the amount of mythril you get from mining and killing mobs
    • Champion gets a 1.4x multiplier!
  • Homes: You will be able to set homes to save places you frequent, in any world (plots, nether, wild, spawn, etc).
    • Champion gets 3 homes
  • Chest shops: you get 3 for free, and can get even more by getting ranks!
    • Champion gets 7 chests

Perks and Ranks will be added over time but this is where we are starting!

Perks are subject to change at any time with no notice